Rain rain go away …or in my case (expletive) OFF!

Lately I have found I am missing the summer and the heat as going out with the children has proven to be a chore more than a fun past-time activity , as every time I dare to venture outside or even grace the thought it decide’s to open the heaven’s !

Today solidified that hatred for the precipitous annoyance that is rain !!  not just any kind of rain , the fine and barely there rain to the large amounts and huge raindrop’s that follows , also to add insult to further injury I packed the children up with hats , gloves and scarf’s as we approach the time of freezing cold wind’s and snow only to find that I couldn’t find the raincover for the buggy and poor little ones not only got cold but a little wet .

I had a little ounce of kindness in the form of little wookie carting along her gruffalo umbrella and sweetly holding it over my head and saying ‘ here you go mummy ‘ and then holding it over little ewok to protect him from the downpour x if anything taught me that my children do love each other somewhere ( even though deep down ) and that seals that I feel like Im doing a good job !

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