Binge watching …….

On my day’s of maternity leave and my time’s when I do find the munchkin’s snuggled up in dreamland I find myself scouring the many titles of netflix and Nowtv and whatever we have saved on the planner the show’s I found that helped me through the silence ranged from

  • Son’s of Anarchy– For a start who doesnt like a piece of eye-candy in the shape of Charlie Hunnam as the badass biker from Charming and all the chaos and drama the club ensues as it fights for survival
  • Bones – Ive loved this from this every first pilot episode aired and stuck through it all 12 seasons watching the chemistry between the two leads of Dr Brennan and FBI Agent Booth.
  • Black Sails -based before the tales of treasure island with flint and his crew some of the scenes are to be shown after little ones have gone to bed as the language is quite colorful
  • Outlander– time travelling claire randall lands in the 17th century scotland where she meets highlander Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) the chemistry between these two is more than enough to keep my house warm for the rest of the winter and the triangle between her frank and jamie

I could think of many more titles but I simply don’t have the luxury of time to list them all x what have you found to be your comfort when he kids are gone to bed and the lights go down and a glass of a drink or two magically found its way into your hand

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