Tribulations x

This is the tribulations part of my journey , I was asked to do a guest blog for a freelance writing website that will help with my portfolio and hopefully put my name out there, though I can spin a phrase and say whats on my mind quite happily I was having trouble writing this article and wording it in a way that not only appeals to the writers but also the reader’s and not blow it completely , also I want to sign up for a social media manager course but so many factor’s are stopping me , though the prospect will lead to a career and not just me doing part-time jobs and going nowhere in a job i cant stand.

But open door’s to a world I have always been very involved with and have yet to explore the more challenges it proposes , but it also seems you have to have money to make money these days …which ive never had ?

As this course seems to be expensive and you have to check the validity of the place you want to study ( is it legit ? am I going to get qualifications or just a piece of paper at the end ?) though the course itself looks highly appealing and challenging.

I want so much to provide for my family and make sure they are taken care of its driving me crazy with worry if blogging was a full time career I would be ecstatic and the writer in me would even stretch as to write this on a type writer but good ol technology helps a bit with that.

Will I find something?

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