Not quite under the sea

Today was a just a little family trip out to the beach but those are the best kind , yes going somewhere exotic is nice and makes some pretty sweet memories but today was just us, getting some fresh air and letting the kids run wild and get some exercise and not sit in a stuffy house all day rewatching show’s that you’ve seen and know the word’s to.

To see the happiness on their faces of rides they want to try and games to win shoddy prizes you know wont last 5 mins or end up somewhere you dont want them to! Also to sample that great british tradition when your on the waterfront FISH AND CHIPS nothing but the best greasy filled battered sausages and dripping chips covered in tons of salt or vinegar (if you prefer) .

Best moment seeing both of them zonked out ( sound asleep) in the back of the car , there was hubby and I thinking it was a little far too quiet , only to see both of them eye’s closed , with mouths covered in Ice cream x .



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