Countdown to the C word

Are you finding yourself looking forward to or dreading the festive season this year ?

Nowaday’s it seems as halloween is being more and more forgotten , and the need to dress up and go trick or tresting is only reduced down to a pass-time supported by the US as the countdown to Christmas has begun , this festive holiday it seems is being forecasted as shop’s start to place out easter egg’s as soon as February.

Why they do this we don’t know but it makes us as consumer’s/ ordinary everyday people annoyed as there is no time to breathe in between as we used to , we are forced to spend endless time and money on thing’s that are being deemed no longer a time to we look forward to but a commodity and a waste.

Are you the type for traditions and if you want to discuss them then please feel free to leave me a comment and shall speak to you all soon

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