Christmas day leading into boxing day

Well the day started off the usual…..

Are the words I want to start with but things with us slowly am finding these days that don’t always go to plan as per the usual tradition Christmas eve we get tucked up and put out carrot and milk for santa and the reindeers only for our youngest to be severely ill the following days beforehand and be sick and we’ll the rest you can guess 😦

Fast forward to very tired parents playing smash bros at 4am on our new switch 🙂 only to be woken at 5.30/6am thinking they’d sleep a little longer but nope… The kids got a big haul of gifts ( outdone us) and I think I have one very happy hubby with his gifts.. Even if I say so myself just goes to show I do listen sometimes lol.

Again this year we somehow managed to squeeze ourselves into my mother’s house talk about chaos with all the bodies in the living room and presents being exchanged and kids running around all excited about what santa brought them!!

Us adults were just happy to be sat down with a cup of tea 🙂 and the feast that followed well I was lucky to have expandable pants boy was I stuffed afterwards though the days that followed was the unusual what do I do with myself until new years anyway

Hope you all had a good Christmas and look forward to reading all about it as they say new year new things so watch this space

Xcc from kay the author

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