As the title above states

Oh my lord whoever said potty training was easy needs to go back and review the books they’ve read or have done themselves, I know every child is different but mine are taking the biscuit at the moment and leading the way for the nudist community in our household every time I have turned my head or looked round the nappy is laying on the floor and there is a streak of flesh running past laughing their blonde little head off .

Just waiting for mummy to begin the chase and the battle to put their clothes back on all the while smiling and thinking this is the best thing since sliced bread to see mummy frustrated and saying put your ‘pants back on this instant ‘ for the 1000th time.

Other than that I cant complain too much as they have progressed really well , were just  on the next steps and trying to get away from the potty and onto the big girl’s and boy’s toilet dun dun duh!! but as always it’s one step forward two steps back x oh well as stated each child is different and we will get there eventually but who’s to say it hasnt been fun on the way xx

Leave a comment below with any of your fun stories or tips/advice

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