Something in the air (short post)

I don’t know what has came over my little ones but all of a sudden today was just pure anarchy and tear’s and tantrum’s and outright refusal to do anything now I know I do not possess the perfect children but on an overall average our children are usually behaved and well mannered but lately the coin has completely flipped in our household  sometimes I gather its down to the fact it’s half term and they’re pattern is being messed up but also the early start’s ( they have gathered that 5 am is a good time as any to awake ) I wonder if you’ve found that your children are complete angels with grandparent’s but at home they are your worst nightmare covered in chocolate and all sort’s of god knows what and 9/10 times they sleep through the night but at home you greet them 10/10 before the sun has peaked through the curtain’s and have yelled back to bed so much your voice is hoarse and the wine bottle or whatever your preference is looks ever so tempting.

Also the youngest has been in a constant of clingyness that rivals the strongest PVA glue he constantly wants cuddle’s and now refuses to sleep anywhere but upon my person making it impossible to complete even the most simplest of task’s .

Anywhoo It is wind down time they have gone to bed though no doubt I shall see them many times before the sun have a good night everyone ….regards the author

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