Through the keyhole

I know one shouldn’t keep looking at new houses but I find I cannot help but looking at what is available on the market despite knowing at the moment we cannot afford them , the dream to own ones own house to some is the ultimate goal as they can be molded into your own space and what makes you comfortable.

Living where we do currently was the dream for a start out couple , ideal space for just the two of us but since then with the addition of the children we are finding that space is growing ever smaller and sometime’s downright claustrophobic and cant seem to find the atmosphere to breathe in what with the cacophony of toy’s and gadget’s that we accumulate in our every day live’s.

I find this intrepid blogger tend’s to play her own version of  ‘Through the keyhole’ and if you ever watched this programme when you were younger it was the host or whoever going round the celebrity of choice and trying to find out who would it be just by guessing from their decor or something in their house , well ….when i’m looking at some of these houses is the that famous question ‘Who would live in a house like this ? ‘ and i do feel awful but I find myself questioning the person’s choice when I see some of the already decorated one’s and what I would do differently if i lived in that house .

Do you find yourself looking at your house and wondering what you could change ??

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