Soft play isn’t soft at all

On Wednesday nanny fish decided that we should all go out to soft play and well as usual little ewok wouldn’t even entertain the idea and cried (granted he was tired and hadn’t had much of a nap) wasn’t sure of the surrounding’s well after seeing his sister and cousin run around like two monkey’s hopped on blue smartie’s the idea clicked and the adrenaline kicked in and well this mummy couldn’t keep up with him so much he was going down on his own.

Everything from the ball pit to the thing’s that one can climb over and even to the big slide’s where this mummy learned just how fast they go and as the title mentioned they aren’t VERY soft at all !!! the very next day as if by magic overnight the bruises have began to form and some range from pea-size to the size of a 50p and the age-old cliché hitting the funny bone ( it is so not FUNNY ) on the big slide to stop your son from flying out of your lap and  hitting his head taking the brunt of the impact instead …..oh the thing’s we do as mum’s x .

Overall the experience was so enjoyable that none of the kid’s wanted to come home , and the thinking that they would settle and sack out and sleep wasn’t going to happen ..clearly didn’t do our job very well oh well there’s always next time gadget mwah ha ha ha .

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