Wookie’s travelling at light-speed

Today the little one’s , nanny fish  and daddy and I decided to travel on a wee excursion by train , now Little Wookie has travelled before as a baby in a seat on one or two occasion’s , but this will be little Ewok’s second outing on a train and definitely has felt like the longest day as he has constantly been whiny and whinging all day only to stop when sleeping or being brought an muppet baby Kermit the frog or having lunch or dinner ( basically anything food related ).

And what is a trip to Norwich involving me anyway if not stopping by the Disney store now if where we lived had one I would either invest in shares or work there as I always end up spending a fortune whether it be on the children or myself some new mug or plushie ends up coming home one way or another , another tradition of our’s is millie’s cookie’s but …..we turned traitor and didn’t get any this time ( I know right what were we thinking ) it all started when I and the hairier wookie started dating and it was our first trip that we established what we come to affectionately call ‘ the route ‘ it is the way we always end up doing every time we go the same place’s and store’s and always lead’s us back to the train station to return home , laden with bag’s and such always travel light if you are going for a shopping trip as you need place’s to put it all.

Here is hoping that the smaller wookie’s are absolutely shattered and will sleep well tonight knowing they have thoroughly been spoilt and loved and made me good memories today .


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