I am a mombie

If you’ve never coined this phrase or been referred to like it, then does it truly exist … yes, yes it does this is the term we have created for ourselves as the moms who are so tired they are running on coffee and sarcasm ( or at least I am atm).

Today has been a busy excursion of school run and cleaning house and washing old baby clothes ready for new arrival’s ( I’m gonna be an aunt again x ) all the while dealing with the word mummy every 5 second’s and demand’s of food, changing and juice ( I swear our kids could buy shares in the amount they drink ) refusal of dinner all lovingly prepared and cooked only to be sniffed at and replaced with something they wanted instead of healthy and good for them anyway moving away from that.

These are the mom’s who hair hasn’t seen a hairbrush in week’s and the only word’s they can utter are ‘don’t do that ‘ or ‘ don’t put that in your mouth’ as they cannot register the outside from being a mom, they can be seen walking to and from school in the same clothes they purchased in  the 1900s  whilst the child looks pristine and wearing new clothes they purchased last week all ready to impress their friend’s which brings me to the next point should we be fined for looking as if the cat just dragged us through the hedge or should we continue to be shamed by the perfect mom squad who can dress their child on time and have their make-up on point , I’m sorry but no-one looks put together at that time in the morning especially if they have had a bad night with said child in the first place  and is fulled by coffee and energy drinks just to survive the day .

A mombie is a thing to behold and should be congratulated and not shamed, should be encouraged and brought up by their fellow mombies for doing a job well done and just surviving the same journey were all taking parenthood!

Even if that mean’s turning up to school in our mom bun’s and tracksuit bottoms and trainer’s that have seen better day’s.

I need coffee and sleep x  peace out x

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