I always feel like someone’s watching me

Today was that very feeling I could not have two minute’s alone, from using the bathroom to making lunch in the kitchen to even having a shower where my daughter thought that I was taking a whizz! ( I was not FYI) where it was just the water running down ..as it does!

Chuck in a few mummies for good measure and that pretty sums up my morning, by this point hubby, had gone to work so there was no else to fetch them a snack or tell them they can’t do that, cue the chaos and running up and down and pure on occasion tantrums of having one little boy not having a nap all day and not getting his way.

Our bedroom wall bore the brunt as well, being decorated by my Picasso’s in training with a biro pen from where he found I have no idea ???? and let me tell you wipes don’t work on our wall’s and sponges didn’t help either so one stern telling off from mummy and some cuddle’s later and he calmed down.

This afternoon was wonderful however my friend came back from Norway with his hubby x and we went out for a nice spot of adult lunch ( drink included ) and put the world to rights as I tend to do when I’m out and made the long trek to my mum’s where the kiddies had dinner a nice soak in the tub and fell asleep in the car as we collected hubby to come home and carry them on the magical mummy and daddy scooter to bed xx

And this is where my day end’s with me telling you my story and that ladies and gents is goodnight from me x


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