A helping hand goes a long way

Today has been a pretty blustery day and a lot of bin’s well have taken a journey they didn’t want to out into the street courtesy of the wind pushing them out of their driveway’s and all over the pavement’s, this good samaritan aided on by the cheers of her daughter of ‘ this one next mummy ‘ decided to do her part and help pick them all up and put them right where they were supposed to be.

One or two thanked me for helping but that wasn’t why i chose to do it , because it was the right thing but it doesn’t hurt to help, I nearly shouted at a lady who was more than happy to throw her cigarette on the floor and clean up the dog faeces but couldn’t stop for two minutes to move the bin and help but simply walk around it and continue on her way as it was just an inconvenience stopping her from her path

Oh well hopefully it’s going to pass and all shall be normal again x

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