Are youngster’s losing this ability , whilst out and about with my mother on Friday , we were pulling into our local scout hut ready to clean , as we made our way down the drive some young people were making their way off the park and the attitude they gave us for making them move out of the way to let us through was incredible, one of the gentlemen ( if I can refer to him as that ) was walking with a gangster lean obviously thinking he was rather important and personally whether he was carrying some sort of weapon ( unfortunately you never know )

I wanted nothing more than to hand him back to his mother and make him apologize to her for being that way as I’m pretty convinced that is not the way he was raised or brought up to act and some of the girl’s I wanted to slap the shade of their faces just for the inconvenience of being them

What has happened to society that young people think this is the way to act I was given a good thrashing when I was out of line and it has never done me any harm!

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