Smear away..smear away all

Just been for my smear and yes though I may be uncomfortable I’m left wondering what was I afraid of for something that takes a few seconds it could save your life ladies do it! Don’t hesitate and book now that or watch a clip from Russell Howard to put your mind at ease it did mine.

Afterward, I decided to stop in town for a quick bite to eat ( sans children =not having to share lol ) and a relaxing warm cup of tea at Costa I noticed a lot of shops have closed or are closing down and I just thought what is happening?

Either the rent is too high or they’re making way for something new and I just prayed it actually something we need or that it wasn’t another bookie’s or charity shop or coffee shop that we could without! Anyway It gave me an opportunity to think about some thing’s and write some more before moving onto my next task to do my cleaning job, but I diverted and went to visit my mom after her being on holiday x and of all day’s to catch the bus and see my aunt on her way to buy milk ( the kid’s got chocolate bunnies as a treat ) lucky devil’s I shall be lucky to see a snippet as I’m deemed too old now 😦 though I say your never too old !

And now to try and relax with a cuppa before hitting the land of dreams if the kids will allow


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