Wheres your toothbrush dude?

It doesn’t matter how many you buy or replace they seem to disappear no matter what, we’re trying to keep to them brushing twice a day but it proves rather hard when you can’t find said toothbrush or find that it has magically been chucked into the toilet or being used to brush the teeth of their teddy or doll and you ask them where is it and they have no idea as to the whereabout’s or that it’s three feet in front of them lol .

And how do you go about trying to convince your child that drinking X amount of juice a day is bad for them? or that sweets are an unacceptable breakfast trying to tell them that if they don’t brush their teeth then they will fall out xx or using toothpaste as paint to decorate your bathroom is naughty!  The fun things we have to go through as parents ey!



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