Fitting room etiquette (warning ranting may occur in this post x )

Okay, I understand if someone genuinely needs help with changing and is disabled or unable but ladies you do not need to physically step into a man’s fitting room and put your fingers down their trousers to see if they fit!! And push and pull them like they were children.

If the roles were reversed and a man walked into a women’s they would be up in arms and try to make a claim of some description if you would like gender equality then think of what you’re doing walk in the other’s shoe’s so to speak

I’m pretty sure men know what fits them and do not need you walking in every 5 mins I also get the irony we say no women and yet we’re working on there but we are there to make sure stock doesn’t go missing and make sure it’s men only that goes in there!! also to safeguard and stop you from walking in on someone else , yes you may pass us the item’s to hand over to them but don’t roll your eyes at us for doing our job’s and if we say its a man’s changing room and direct you to the women’s upstairs please don’t give me an LGBTQ lecture or tut at me because the company doesn’t properly signpost anything again I stand there and do as asked not to start a political debate as to why you think its antiquated !


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