She’s back !

Hey everyone sorry I’ve been on hiatus a while now but I’m back and slowly on the mend I’ve been trying to survive the six weeks holidays with my two now even bigger and messier toddler’s and boy have the adventure’s been testing and sometimes it seems none stop, hopefully, they will look back and smile and not see mummy’s face in the picture’s looking like I should drink a boatload of monster/coffee .

Also, I’m going to apologize for spamming you but it has been a long time since my last post and a lot has happened in between and feel I need to catch you up on a few things mainly birthday’s, anniversaries, and the like.

The main ones being that our little Wookie has officially hit the milestone of starting big school and is learning to ride a bike (with stabilizers) as for little Ewok we are hoping to have him full time at pre-school to make it easier for me with day to day timing’s and the school run yay! I can have tea time back to myself and not share biscuits lol on the plus side both of them are starting to get the gist of potty/toilet training it has had its moments of tears and frustration mainly little dude weeing on the floor and thinking its funny and running like wee willy winky down our garden with no pants, though quite proud of our lady having a few days and nights of dry nights.

In a couple of day’s time, it is mine and the big hairy one’s anniversary  5 years married and 7 years together xxx it has been a rollercoaster ride, to say the least, and I’m glad I found him to take the journey with as I’m pretty sure no one else would put up with me for this long x

Not to mention but this year I became an auntie again to a beautiful baby girl, a sister for my nephew my little wabacha (my nickname for him ) I’m yet to find one for her but at the moment cutie will do x x and were already acquainted as she decorated one of my favorite shirts and she’s not the last as the rest of my nieces and nephews have done in the past lol also this means no.6 grandchild for nanny be starting a football team soon or a decent netball/rugby team as none of us like football/soccer.

News on my job is yet to be confirmed as to whether we’ll have one and when they decide, so if anyone would like to rescue me don’t hesitate to message me x or I can be available for parties I make an awesome clown or person sawed in half lol

Other than that we’ve been here and there, we’ve been elephant hunting around the town, encouraging the wookies to get a taste for swimming and gain some confidence as it can be expensive and don’t get to do it as often, unfortunately 😦 we’ve had some much-needed family time  with the nannies and cousins and rinsed a put load of movies and eaten quite a bit of popcorn and snack’s , we’ve rinsed through quite a few pens and colors encouraging our two budding artist’s  and trying to disparage them from the walls being Picasso’d.

We’ve been to visit the animals at the zoo as the last time we went a certain little Ewok was too young to appreciate anything and as stated we have new people to introduce to the wildlife and little Wookie and my Wabacha held hands the entire time and looked after each other ( heart eyes ) and got some pretty awesome photos ( one of a giant snake if you like those that is ) .

Well I hope you have all had good adventures if you wanna share your stories or some funny moments feel free to leave me a comment or a message and hope to hear from you soon have a good night guys xx









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