Poisoned rationality

A few day’s ago I witnessed a mother’s anguish as the lift at work had broken down and was informed that her children and husband were stuck in between floor’s, as it was a rather quiet day and staff were stretched, as usual , the lady had to venture to find someone to let them know who was stuck in the lift as I graced downstair’s after informing the people who were on the upper floor’s to travel the escalator’s, also doing my civic duty and helping a young family with their newborn as they couldn’t travel down with the buggy obviously I found the lady in question shouting at the top of her lungs ‘those are my children in there !!! ‘ having a major go at anyone who would approach me being me offered her a beverage of some description whilst she patiently waited on the emergency team to arrive.

Now the point of this story is or the question I pose to all mums have you ever had something happen where all rationality goes out the window and you have lost your cool at someone or something that has/had done something to your child or does it go without question?

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