All it takes is that one person

As our little one has been at school for over three weeks now not only am I extremely proud for how she has settled in and had no tear’s or drama but at just how quickly she has made a friend and how quick they have formed this astounding bond that even her own mum and I can’t get over x

They say all you need is that one mum among the crowd that understands and speaks your language lol 😂 as the playground or collection area can be the most clicky and socially daunting places for parents to wait for their child x but with this school, we have been very lucky and not had any problem’s so far ( or yet to happen , i hope not )

And I am very happy they are willing to work with our little girl and help her with the speech and language and just overall helping her with pronunciation so can not ask for more I shall update on her progress as for tonight I am one very shattered Mumma and need a bucket of tea just to keep me from drooping as I type x

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