When is it acceptable to be me ?

A very good friend of mine and my hubby’s brought up a point to me mid stream and first apologies for the time in-between post’s these day’s as there are too many adventure’s happening at once and I cant find the time to sit and write so I decided to answer his question as it had peaked my attention and one I thought I could answer quite eloquently and having experience for the last 6 years now of being said parent , trying to find that sweet spot of me time can be a rare occurrence as he jovially pointed out this is like rare unicorn poop as you are dedicated to more than just one person when you become a wife and mother/father and it doesn’t exist there is no such thing as me time , yes you can dedicate an hour or two to yourself a week but is that true self care , to me such thing’s as a hot bath , a glass of your favourite and some appropriate choice of music to take you back to the time when your cares were simple can be considered not ideal as other’s have found different method’s to unwind such as to sit in a cafe with a coffee and a slice of cake without feeling guilty that your not sharing it and this in no way has an impact of you as a parent.

When streaming I am simply MrsWook’s i am not mummy or wife to Mr Wookie I am me and what you see is what you get , a redhaired blue eyed girl from a town that likes to talk and loves the community we have built.

You could have tattoo’s and multi coloured hair and still be the best parent in the world to your little person in the making, but when your tired and stressed and just need that space to breathe what is classed as acceptable ?

Can it be found on a motorcycle or playing video games , or playing a strategy game that really tests your brain ?

yes !

If you allow yourself that time to be free , it can do the world of good not only in your relationships but parenting and friendship’s as you can seek a connection but to make the leap you need to have the freedom to step back and assess what it is that you need to contribute to the sociological and economical circumstances of your environment.

Does your child like you because you shout all the time ? or do you they like you because your cool and calm?

Because you have given yourself the time to know what they need and how you can provide it . makes you all the better for it , if the said gentleman has anymore questions I am always happy and obliging to answer them or anyone else would like to contribute and ask me something (within reason ) I shall answer to the best of my knowledge.

I dedicate this post to grandudius X

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