Not firing on all cylinders:

The first lockdown I could just about cope with but this time around I am finding it harder and harder , the mental health has taken a huge hit as most of my days are retrospectively spent around the house cleaning and doing laundry ( some day's I just think why cant the dishes do … Continue reading Not firing on all cylinders:

Sing when your winning

The final result of the fundraiser was over £300 raised in memory of my father and a family members father still have money coming in aswell X thankyou so much to the guys and girls who showed support without you couldn't have achieved this and so greatful but most of all couldn't of done this … Continue reading Sing when your winning

It’s a beautiful morning without the word mummy/mum

I've always wanted the hear the word mummy practically waited which parent hasn't raised your hand but lately I have really come to detest the word as it is said a large part of the day and children haven't sussed out that they have another parent that can collect them snacks or drinks or even … Continue reading It’s a beautiful morning without the word mummy/mum